J.O. Harris Sales 

Is located in Alexander Illinois where we sell various types of farm equipment including Demco Grain Carts and Gravity Wagons, Salford Vertical Tillage Tools, Arts Way and Haybuster Livestock Equipment, Fertilizer and Chemical Application as well as Ravens Monitors, and ReManufactured Planters.  You can find Rhino and Schulte mowers, Maurer and Unverferth Head Carts, Fantini Corn Heads and Unverferth In-Line Rippers.  We also carry Yetter and Martin Planter Attachments as well as Vanguard Monitors and Harnesses and so much more. 

We were originally established in 1934 by J.O. Harris focusing on tractors, planters, shellers and corn pickers. Today the business is run by J.O.'s two sons J.R. & Andy and J.R.'s son Jay. The focus of the business has changed with time and now includes more than twenty different types of farm equipment new and used.

Types of Equipment:


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Contact Us:

Email: jay@joharrissales.com
Phone: (217) 478-4341
Fax: (217) 478-2320